Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello Students,

Having been raised as a Lutheran, then becoming a Baptist (Baptist Bible colleges and seminaries, Baptist pastor and Bible camp director), then becoming a Pentecostal, and finally an Apostolic, having experienced deception I am determined to be Biblical in all of my teachings!

Typically, man's teachings are not Biblically based. Most Apostolics have a solid foundation in soteriology, but from that point on they are basically Baptististic. Why?

My goal is to have Biblically based church meetings, Bible college and seminary classes, books, booklets, charts, sermons, etc.

This requires me to use the Bible and the Bible only to determine doctrine, church structure, attitudes, etc.

I must reconstruct most of what I have been taught to agree with Jesus' teachings.

What about you? Do you want to be totally Biblically based? What about those thoughts you have had about why you do what you do? Are you tired of dead worship meetings? Are you tired of having the same church meeting format from Sunday to Sunday? What will happen to you if you step out of the mold? Will your denomination excommunicate you?

In Jesus,