Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apostolic Bible Conferences

'Apostolic Bible Conferences'© provides Pentecostal, Apostolic, Oneness, holiness, Jesus name Conferences, -- Repentance, Water baptism and the Holy Ghost baptism are taught as required for salvation!  Jesus Christ is our God!     

  Dr. and Sister Klein have written over 20 books.

 They travel full-time across the Nation teaching Bible Conferences, plus Biblical Greek and Hebrew Seminars.

 They are both licensed with the UPCI.

 They teach Bible Conference subjects which include Biblical languages. If you would like to host a Conference, please call for a date. They teach both the Beginner and Graduate level. They like to advertise the Language Seminars in the local communities and churches as an outreach tool. Baptist pastors need to know Greek, and they need salvation. Dr. Klein was educated in Baptist colleges and seminaries, and he was a Baptist pastor about a hundred years ago!

  You too can read the Bible in the original languages. They make it easy and give you further tools to enhance your personal studies and devotions. Every pastors needs to know Greek and Hebrew!

 See their books at   

 They also teach Oneness Studies, Theological Studies, Creation Studies, and many other topics.

                 You too can learn the Bible in it's original languages!

     For information or to book a conference or seminar please write or call them at: