Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chaplaincy Training Seminars - Dr. Robert Welshans, Ph.D - Apostolic Theological Seminary

Hello Friends,

Dr. Robert Welshans, Ph.D. is an adjunct professor with Apostolic Theological Seminary. Dr. Welshans is a retired military chaplain; he has 7 years as a full-time hospice chaplain, and many years as a community chaplain.

He is planning chaplain training seminars in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dr. Bruce Klein, Th.D. will be one of the trainers. Dr. Klein has 3 years as a full-time hospice chaplain and has been certified as a prison chaplain. The last prison he ministered in was Angola State Prison, Louisiana.

Please keep in contact with Dr. Welshans for dates. 

This training is beneficial for all Christians.

 In Jesus,
Dr. Klein
President - Apostolic Theological Seminary