Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Third Century Apostolic Church at Ancient Susya, Israel - Christian

 Hello Friends,

A Third Century Apostolic Church at Ancient Susya, Israel

  Sister Klein and I were at Ancient Susya, Israel, today. I am translating the Aramaic New Testament into English. Consequently, I am very interested in ancient Aramaic having taken classes in O.T. Aramaic, N.T. Aramaic, and Modern Aramaic. I believe this building, most are calling a synagogue was an Apostolic Church! We found 'Yeshua' in the mosaic as stated in the video. It is written in Aramaic!

Archaeologists considered this building a Christian building until the later part of the 20th century. They changed their position when they unearthed the building's floor. Why? They found pictured a couple of menorahs. I have been to many Apostolic churches with menorah's in their sanctuaries. Why do I think this was a church? The uplifted platform is facing east. 

The excavating archaeologists state over 30 mikvahs were found. Archaeologists state a mikvah of this time period must have seven steps. These have many more than seven. At Ephraim, where we were digging, the mikvah had seven steps. So, were these mikvahs, no, I think they were personal, family baths. 
The extra large pool (they address as a 'communal mikvah') was a community swimming pool. As Apostolic, we would expect female to swim at a different time than males.

In Jesus,
Dr. Bruce Klein